Keramiekgids voor België / Guide de la Céramique en Belgique / Guide to Ceramics in Belgium

After the organization of the International Biennial of Ceramic Art at Jodoigne and Brussels (Belgium) during the followings editions in 1995, 1997 and 1999, and faithful to the option to present, every two years, a concrete promotion for Ceramics in Belgium, we dedicated our 2001 edition to a innovative and constructive element inside the Belgian Ceramic landscape: the publication of a Guide to contemporary ceramics in Belgium.

With the participants and the Public, we have the pleasure to present : the first Guide to contemporary Ceramics in Belgium. Already introduced in Belgium and abroad during several ceramics meetings (in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria), this Guide was warmly welcomed as well by the artists, the galleries as by the Public.

We contacted a large number of makers of all disciplines.
is the collective answer from 124 Belgian potters, studios and other ceramics actor’s. Those who have chosen to be included are those who see the value of the first edition of such a Guide.

welcomes ceramists who already received recognition from the Ceramic Society for the quality of their work and introduces enthusiastic and talented graduates and newcomers.

was conceived to give to the ceramic lover an access of quality to information and to reinforce the Image of contemporary Ceramic in Belgium. As a communication, richly illustrated tool, this Guide gives a general information to libraries and students, offers a detailed information to a specialized audience - galleries, collectors, organizers -, but also includes addresses from belgian art schools, restorers, and suppliers and gives the agenda of the national ceramics meetings.

By its unique concept, this Guide allows, page by page, to discover up to 28 information about each artist. Beside the full whereabouts and a picture of one work, an explanatory trilingual bookmark and a large size location map complement the Guide.

The mention is a reference to the publication year, with a regularly update in the future, but does not imply a yearly publication.

Hereafter, you will find the technical details of the Guide:

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ISBN : 90-807095-1-4
Title : Ceramica 02
Subtitle :
  • Guide to Ceramics in Belgium
  • Guide de la Céramique en Belgique
  • Keramiekgids voor België
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Technical description : A5 size, 144 pages, full color, critical explanations in French and Dutch, location map size 30 x 40 cm + trilingual bookmark in French, Dutch and English – barcode on the back cover

Contents : full whereabouts of the artists with picture of a work, ceramics signature(s) and 21 information codes, list of galleries, restoration studios, art schools, national events, suppliers, galleries.

is available in every bookstore.

Internationale Keramiek=Kunst Biënnale
International Biennial of Ceramic Art

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